The Benefits of a DIY Home Automation System

86810315Installing your own DIY home automation system may take some time, effort, and creativity, but it can be an incredible benefit, particularly to those who are elderly or who have disability. Many see home automation as simply a way to be lazier and a way to make life more convenient. If you are one of those, we say to you, “Not so!” There are a number of automated features that can be incredibly useful to those who may struggle with the everyday things that the rest of us take for granted. Here are just a few of those features.


You have to admit, it’s a pretty amazing thing that our homes have access to a virtually uninterrupted stream of electricity that we can feel free to take advantage of whenever we would like to. The fact that we can turn on lights that make a room bright as day in only the flip of a switch would be enough to make our ancestors cry with amazement and possibly scold us for taking it all for granted. However, with even further advances in technology, we can now make this feature automated and controllable without even getting up to hit the switch. Many DIY automation systems these days can be run through smart phone apps that allow you to control various features of your home from your mobile device, the catch being that the installation equipment you use has to be compatible with that particular app. However, with a little bit of elbow grease and home-improvement  tools, you can have automated lights installed that respond to whatever you choose within the mobile app. You can dim or flicker the lights to your heart’s content, and if tapping the screen of your smart phone or tablet is too much for you, you could probably opt for an app with voice control capabilities. All you have to do is say the word and your lights will do your bidding. This means no more fumbling for the light switch when you wake up late at night to use the bathroom, and no more spooky feelings Household energy usage meter 186796121as you walk up to your dark home after getting in late.


If you are elderly or a caretaker for someone elderly, you know how much the temperature can affect their comfort levels. There are now smart thermostats that can be easily manually installed that can learn your personal routines and prevent your home temperature from falling too far below or rising too far above certain levels that you set in its programming. This is an incredible benefit to caretakers who may worry about the comfort of their loved one or patient while they’re away, even if it’s only for a short trip. These automated thermostats can be synced with your phone so that you can check up on the temperature levels at home no matter where you are. You can also be automatically alerted to any abnormal changes, and you can make the necessary adjustments remotely from your mobile device.