DIY Personal Security for Your Home

Not everyone can afford the high-tech glamour of a professionally installed home security system, which is why DIY personal security is becoming more and more popular around the world. Delivery man ringing doorbell 177015974Separate devices and home security kits are becoming increasingly available and at lower costs, enabling any homeowner to create his or her own personal security system with just a few tools, some time, and an instruction manual. When you are considering which devices and features you want to include in your custom security system, it’s important to think about what your focus is and what parts of your security are most important. Here are a few key aspects you may want to consider.

Installing Devices

From burglar deterrents to environmental alarms, there are a number of devices that you can choose from, with such varying prices that you may feel a bit overwhelmed. Before you start wondering if this is too much to handle, take some time to think about what kinds of devices you are looking for. Do you mainly want the buffer of an alarm system to give you warnings in case of intrusion or natural disaster? Do you want motion detecting devices to give you added sense of security in case anyone is trespassing? Do you want to be able to control these devices, arm them, and disarm them with remote access outside your home? These are all great questions to ask, and they will help you determine which devices you need.

Another question to ask is whether you want separate, individual devices or full kits for your home. You may even get halfway through your research and decide that a professional home security system would work best for you and would even be affordable if you don’t opt for all of the bells and whistles. If you want to be able to control most of your devices from one control panel, you may either want to look at kits or do some research about which individual devices would be compatible with a universal control module. A number of smart phone apps are available to help you wirelessly control your system from home or away, even if your devices are of varying brands.

Camera Systems

827585_75890335Are you looking for a little tighter security than just alarms and sensors? Security cameras not only act as incredibly effective burglar deterrents, but they can also provide added protection and peace of mind in your home, particularly if you are a parent or if you have valuables that you want to ensure stay protected and out of harm’s way. While it may appear to be a difficult task, believe it or not, installing your own small camera surveillance system is actually quite simple if you know your stuff. With a few tips about placement and lighting, as well as the different types of cameras out there, you can pretty easily DIY your way to an impressive and effective security camera system for your home.

Home Automation

Home automation is becoming a bigger and bigger trend worldwide, as it not only provides a way to have better control over your security system, but also makes running your home more convenient and hassle-free. With apps much like the ones mentioned above for installing devices, you can control your house lighting, music, media, temperature, and maintenance all from your mobile device, whether you are at home or away. With a security camera system installed, you can even check up on your home from away and receive alerts when people come and go from your property. New smart devices can send you reminders and alerts whenever anything is out of the ordinary or when predetermined measures take effect, such as lights activating or temperatures changing. While more complex automation systems are only available through professional security or automation companies, there are a number of great, low-cost options out there for DIY lovers.

Smart Habits

Remote home control 178895291In the end, your home security will inevitably come down to your practice of smart, safe habits. This may be as simple as remembering to lock your doors at night or as complex as memorizing your security code for your control panel. In all, safe habits will go farther toward keeping your home safe than any other security measure you may choose to implement.

If you’re considering strengthening your home security, whether through your own DIY methods or with a security company, call 866-565-4305 to speak with a professional about your options and concerns.